Making modern parenting books in Latvian more accessible

We have been supporting children’s crisis centres with grants and donations in kind for a decade now. But we feel that to some extent we have merely been mitigating the consequences, not the causes of the problem, why over 1,000 children in Latvia every year end up in a crisis centre. We would like to contribute more to the change of the parenting culture in Latvia, complementing efforts of several charities in Latvia that promote more modern parenting methods, discuss the latest research in the cognitive behaviour field, help new parents to broaden their knowledge.

We are expanding our activities with a new project – making modern parenting books in Latvian language more accessible. We have teamed up with Publishing house Zvaigzne ABC and several charities and will be donating first book of our project to children’s and parents’ charities in Latvia in summer 2019. All that the Latvian charities need to do is sign up for their free copies of the books.

During the month of April and May over 70 charities from Latvia filled in the application to receive free books.

Update on the first distribution to follow soon.


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