2017 / 18

Monetary donations:

Received and earmarked for grants:
– £5,112 carried forward from previous financial year
– £5,000 raised during the 2017 Charity Ball and Auction, including £500 earmarked for children’s hospice POGA launched by ziedot.lv
– £720 raised by Oscar Parravaniwith donations earmarked for Debesmanna
– £843 raised
via 5 Children’s Projects Christmas Appeal
–  fundraising initiated 
(fundraising closed in June 2018 with £600 raised) in cooperation with the Embassy of Latvia in the UK with donations earmarked for women’s rights organisation Marta
–  fundraising initiated (fundraising continues, as of mid 2018 over £1,000 has been raised) in cooperation with Bērzes Strazdi – Labdarība with donations earmarked for robotics classes in several social services schools across Latvia

Donations in kind:

500kg / 1,000 surplus children’s coat donation received from Hands on London and delivered to Latvia in Dec 2017. Thanks to support of Diamond Transport Solutions, Daugavas Vanagu Fonds Lielbritānijā and Latvijas bernu fonds these were distributed among crisis centres and special needs NGOs in 12 cities and towns.


Distance translators have assisted:


Usage of funds / grants: 

– £500 earmarked for children’s hospice POGA run by ziedot.lv
£720 earmarked for Debesmanna
£10,069 paid in grants during late 2017 until May 2018. Grant competition was launched in summer 2017. 

10 grants for projects developed by children’s charities in Latvia were paid in full during Nov 2017 – Feb 2018:

€1,500 – Invalīdu un viņu draugu apvienība Apeirons – training and networking courses for parents with special needs children
€1,366 – Biedrības “Aizputes Samarietis” Atbalsta centrs “Roku Rokā” – firewood, board games, carpet
€1,000 – Foundation Zante Family Support Centre – new mattresses and beds
€500 – Biedrība “Oranžais stars”, Jelgava – a day off treat for mums of special needs children
€495 – Pāvulēni, Burtnieki – board games for after school clubs
€514 – Amatas fonds – special needs gym equipment
€502 – Valka family fund – Montessori materials
€492 – Samariešu Māras centrs, Riga – IQ tests and games
€514 – Cimdiņš, Ventspils – two sewing machines for special needs youth
€199 – Latvijas Audžuģimeņu biedrība – novuss table and board games

7 grants for projects developed by children’s charities in Latvia were paid in full during Mar – May 2018 (Our financial year end is April, but for simplicity, all the grants of 2017 competition have been reflected below):

€803 – Apes Jauniešu klubs “Sliedes” – setting up a playground for the council house near the village
€500 – Palīdzesim viens otram / Esi Draugs – 50 disadvantaged and special needs children taken to a Motormuzejs tour and course
€500 – Talsu crisis centre – renewing outdoors playground
€497 – Žēlsirdības māja/ Дом милосердия/ “Mercy House” for special needs youth that have come from orphanages, Ventspils – live chicken and chicken food for their mini farm
€493 – Crisis centre Milgravis, Riga – furniture
€484 – Madona Red Cross – special needs educational equipment
€483 – Meirānieši, Lubana – educational equipment

Thanks to the producers and the sellers for the friendly prices: JMK LUXFurni.lvKG Latvija, MazputnēniMuzikasveikals.lvGudra galvaSmilšu lampas

€443 paid to SOS Bernu Ciemati

Sincere thanks from our team of volunteers

Thanks to all the supporters for making 2017 Charity Ball and Auction happen – Embassy of Latvia in UK and Ambassador Baiba Braže, master of the ceremony Girts Licis, musicians Zane Veremeja and Alīna Bistricka, sound and light specialists Diana Upīte and Elīna Kreisā, quiz masters Uldis Mākulis and Ieva Bērziņa, friendly Grange Hotel staff and the wonderful guests.

Thanks to the donors of auction prizes Latvian Ice Hockey Federation, Lauku Ceļotājs / Baltic Country HolidaysMottra Caviar GroupSolvita Balode, Latvju lietas, Zanna Dubska, Linda Leen, Marija Naumova – OFFICIAL, Eliza Mara, Zib accessories, Swarovski, Grange Hotels, 3 PAVARU RESTORANS, Restorāns 3, LĀČI.

And supporters Daugavas Vanagu Fonda Londonas nodaļa, Balzambārs, UK’s Latvian Business Network, Latvian Professionals in London, LaLondaLondonas Latvieši, LTV1, Latviesiem.co.ukLatviesi.comBrīvā Latvija, Anglo Baltic News and mesesamseit.uk, One Film Media.