Monetary donations

 Raise funds 

    by donating your birthday to us via Facebook 

    via People’s Fundraising site 

 Donate online with card

    People’s Fundraising website

    Charities Aid Foundation website

    CharitiesTrust website .

When on these sites, do not forget to tick the GiftAid box, increasing the worth of your donation to us – for every £1 you donate using GiftAid, the charity will receive an extra 25p from the HM Revenue & Customs, helping each donation go further at no cost to you.

If you pay higher rate tax (40%/45%) then look for U.K. Payroll Giving on the intranet of your employer, as for every £1 you donate this way, the charity will receive extra 66p. Besides, many employers double the donations of their employees via Matched Giving scheme, that again should be available via intranet of your employer. In the latter case for every £1 you donate, the charity will receive £3.33 on its accounts! Do keep record of your donation, as that will need to be reported to HMRC with your subsequent annual tax returns filing.  


– Join our events

    100% of the proceeds collected from tickets, raffle, auctions and donations during our events get passed on to children’s charities in Latvia.


Become a volunteer

– Every winter around two dozen volunteers help with packing donations in kind (children’s coats), for shipment to Latvia  

 distance volunteers translators assist with occasional translations (websites of Latvian charities, useful articles.

– Email us if you have other ideas 


 Spread the good word about us