2019 / 20

Monetary donations:    

Received and used for grants:
Fundraising by Latvians working at EBRD raising funds for Iespejama Misija as part of EBRD Community Initiative (donations matched)

– Facebook fundraiser towards book on abusers Why does he do it?

Charity networking BBQ towards Iespejama Misija, autistic kids and guidedogs

10th Anniversary of Giving for Latvia Celebrations towards Debesmanna, Centrs Marta, Atvertiba, Palidzesim and Iespejama Misija

Donations of books and materials:   

– Modern parenting books: 
500 copies of Hedvig Montgomery book “Vecaku magija” distributed to over 70 charities in Latvia

– Donations in kind:
850 surplus children’s coat donation received from Hands on London and delivered to Latvia


Distance translators have assisted:

– ziedot.lv


Usage of funds / grants: 

Donations raised during Spring Charity Networking & Drinks and by our many birthday donors (Facebook fundraisers) and online shoping supporters (https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1161932-0) have helped to bring to life 7 more projects developed by children’s charities in Latvia. Grants paid in full during May 2019 – Aug 2019:

€1,180 – Tornkalna privata vidusskola – outdoors playground for special needs kids
€829 – Latvijas bernu fonds – 7 PC screens, keyboards and mice for 6 of their regional children crisis centres
€432 – Women from Ilguciema prison undergoing resocialisation programme via Mirjama – percussion instruments and book shelves
€471 – Kalkuni special needs orphanage – rowing machine
€440 – Red Cross in Dagda – sowing machine and oven
€226 – Madonas invalīdu atbalsta centrs – 3 sets of magnetic chess and chess timers
€146 – Centrs Dardedze – behavioral board games
Thanks to the producers and the sellers for the friendly prices: Capital.lv, Kumode.lv, intersports.lv, uzvediba.lv, nartiss.lv
Donations raised during Charity BBQ and 10th Anniversary Celebrations have helped to bring to life 9 more projects developed by children’s charities in Latvia.
Grants paid in full during Sept 2019-Nov 2019:
£850 – Vecaki kopa – autistic kids in Lielvarde, Ogre region
£828 – Centrs Marta – training for social workers in Latgale on work with abusers
£655 – Aizputes Samarietis – firewood
£650 – Teodors – guide dog training
£539 – Palidzesim.lv – wheelchair ramps for entrance to special needs centre
£505 – VR glasses for development of application for autistic kids
£500 – Grupu maja neatkarigai dzivei – special needs youth support
£250 – Debesmanna – pre- and post-natal depression charity support
£200 – Suns ka misija – dog therapy for crisis centre and retirement centre
Donations raised towards Iespejama Misija, that promotes the best standards of education in Latvia, lobbies government and attracts new teachers, in particular in STEM subjects
£6,850 – Iespejama misija
Donations raised during 18th November 2019 celebrations partly used in Jan 2020
£319 – trainings for kids from SOS Children’s villages in Latvia coordinated by Riga TechGirls
(residual of the donations earmarked for similar training for another group of children from SOS Children’s villages)
Donations raised during 10th Anniversary Celebrations and other Facebook fundraisers have helped to bring to life 13 more projects developed by children’s charities in Latvia.
Grants paid in full during Dec 2019-Mar 2020:
£1,042 – Centrs Marta – towards a project where 1,000 copies of the book on abusers Why does he do it? translated into Latvian was distributed across 800 libraries in Latvia and charities
£756 – Atvertiba – new crisis centre in Karslava
£490 – Ventas krasti – washing machine and tumbler
£479 – Crisis centre Rasas Perles and Sargiet Bernus – beanbags
£447 – Musu ligzda – DIY materials and equipment
£424 – Oranzais stars – aquapark for families with special needs kids
£400 – Masas Veronikas – furniture for special school in Palsmane
£351 – Vision youth centre – table hockey and skateboards 
£305 – Zante Crisis Centre – behavioral board games
£317 – Mes saviem berniem, Madona – adjustable height table for special needs people
£269 – Sargiet bernus – toys
£265 – Baltic HIV Association – trainings
£250 – Incukalns – arts and crafts materials and frames
£211 – Piladzitis – arts and crafts materials