Q: How can I be sure of the efficiency of use of funds and that my money/donation does not get in wrong hands?


A: We are in direct contact with each one of the crisis centres and closely monitor the distribution.

Distribution of donated funds:
–         Once the annual donations have been collected, we reach out to each of the crisis centres to inform them of the budget available for presents for their children.
–         Each of the centre then expresses their wishes and needs.
–         We consider if the items requested are truly going to benefit the children.
–         Each one of the purchases made by us is sourced from the most cooperative producers/shops in Latvia that offer discounts. For some of technology we utilise UK outlet stores that come cheaper.
–         We pay the invoices ourselves and instruct the crisis centres how to collect the items from producers/shops
This is why it takes around 2 months (following each Charity Ball) until the funds get distributed among the Crisis Centres. 

Distribution of donations in kind:
Donations in kind are packed and delivered directly to the respective crisis centres.


Q. Are you interested only in children’s clothes donations or my clothes are useful too?


A. We accept all clothes donations. The adult clothes will be distributed to “Dzivesprieks” – organization that supports alumni of orphanages, “Milgravis” – the crisis centre that supports women with children, and “Marsa Gatve” whose sister unit supports adults in crisis