Covid-19 is hitting the poor hardest. Families with children in Latvia are in urgent need of your support for daily meals.

– 74% of Latvians have savings that amount to 1 month’s salary or less
– Covid lockdown has stopped many businesses, with several thousand Latvians having lost their jobs. In October unemployment rate among those without a degree was 20%
– Unemployment benefits are often paid with 2 months delay  

The only food bank charity in Latvia – Paedusai Latvijai ( run by Samaritans in Latvia ( – has been receiving more and more cries for help from families where one of the parents has lost his/her job and as a result the family does not have sufficient means to feed the children. 

Before Covid Paedusai Latvijai used to distribute 600 food packs every month. The cost of one pack is €9~£8. 
We aim to raise enough funds for 1000 food packs = €9,000~£8,000.

During 2020 (April to December) around £6,500 were donated by 200 donors, all paid to Paedusai Latvijai, but we will gratefully receive further donations during 2021:

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