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To donate towards Mission Possible pledge (donations expected to be matched by EBRD Community Initiative)

To donate towards Debesmanna – Marta – Atvertiba – Palidzesim.lv pledges


Looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new friends at our next networking event with a bit of charity.
For tickets visit Eventbrite


Thanks Gunta, Andy and Hunter 🐕 for hosting the fantastic charity networking drinks & BBQ.
Thanks everyone for joining and making it so easy to fundraise.


We have been supporting children’s crisis centres with grants and donations in kind for a decade now. But we feel that to some extent we have merely been mitigating the consequences, not the causes of the problem, why over 1,000 children in Latvia every year end up in a crisis centre. We would like to contribute more to the change of the parenting culture in Latvia, complementing efforts of several charities in Latvia that promote more modern parenting methods, discuss the latest research in the cognitive behaviour field, help young parents to broaden their knowledge.

We are therefore expanding our activities with a new long term project – making modern parenting books in Latvian language more accessible. We have teamed up with Publishing house Zvaigzne ABC and several charities in Latvia and corporate donors, businesses run by entrepreneurs from Latvian diaspora.

We invited children’s and parent’s charities in Latvia to sign up for their free copies of the modern parenting books. By mid 2019 over 70 charities had shared their details with us. We continue to accept new applications.

500 copies of the inaugural parenting book of the project – Hedvig Montgomery “Vecaku magija” – were distributed to over 70 charities in Latvia in July 2019. Update on the subsequent distributions to follow in late 2019.

Giving for Latvia family welcomed the spring with fantastic charity networking evening. 
Guests from 3 countries were treated with beautiful view of the London Eye and Latvian style snacks (think rye bread, lard, horseradish). 
Our pioneer corporate donor OpalTransfer was matching donations for one of the charity pledges, that we were raising money for: modern parenting book, playground for special needs kids, education for women in prison
Embassy of Latvia in the UK and Ambassador Baiba Braze brought truly exclusive experiences auction prizes.
Networking opportunities were outstanding, as proven by the afterparty that lasted till 4am.
And the positive side effect – record £10,000 raised during one evening. This will help to achieve so much. Sincere thanks to everyone and we will keep everyone posted on the use of funds via our Facebook posts.

Dana Reizniece-Ozola 14 : London 1 

3 hours of steam, sighs and laughter resulted in beautiful £435 raised during the 1st charity simultaneous chess exhibition with Grandmaster at the London Latvian House.

We are consulting with the Latvian Welfare Fund, London branch on the use of the donations and will keep you posted.

Thanks Andrejs Ritins for organizing.
Grateful to Dana Reizniece-Ozola for her Friday evening.
Greetings to the 15 contestants and handful of spectators.
Appreciate support of Chess in Schools and Communities 
Thanks Ilze Kalve for reporting on Latvian TV.

How best to celebrate centenary of a country? Our volunteers insisted – with charity drinks.

Networking + drinks reception + a bit of charity was a fantastic way to mark Latvia’s centenary.

Over £3,500 were raised for 5 charity pledges in celebration of the Centenary of Latvia.

Thanks Katrina Aleksa for hosting the event and thanks Embassy of Latvia in the UK for the support.

Mark Giving for Latvia as your charity of choice on smile.amazon.co.uk, and every time you shop, start via smile.amazon.co.uk, and we will receive a donation from Amazon for your purchase. It won’t cost you a penny – it’s that easy to donate.

Follow the link to finalise: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1161932-0

Facebook has verified our charity status and you can now donate your birthday to @GivingforLatvia

Asking your friends to celebrate your birthday by donating to charity instead of giving you physical present is easy:
1) on your own Facebook user dropdown menu you will find Fundraisers button
2) select to fundraise for a charity
3) find us by keyword Latvia

The map of locations where volunteer fundraisers have run marathon to raise awareness and donations for Giving for Latvia has been expanding. Riga was added to our marathon map, thanks to founder of Running1000Plus Will from France and his spontaneous half-marathon arranged in Latvia on 1 June 2018.

Will has set up a personal challenge to run 60 half-marathons in 120 days across 60 European capitals of culture. His run #46/60 was in Riga and he informed us literally in the very morning of the run, that he would like to raise money for Giving for Latvia.

After couple of hours time a newly formed Riga Plus team enjoyed a wonderful run, starting their route from Milda – The Monument of Freedom in the heart of Riga, Latvia. And some of the runners enjoyed their personal surprise achievements (co-founder of our charity Kristaps Roze being particularly proud of his very first quarter-marathon run).

We appreciate the generosity of donors, who in support of Will and his Riga Plus team donated €160 in one single afternoon. 

Any small amount will go a long way to help disadvantaged children in Latvia. If you want to join in and support children’s crisis centres in Latvia, donations will be gratefully received via: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraise…/running1000plus-riga1june

More pictures of the fantastic spontaneous event in Riga: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=423842014710478&id=332075570553790

Thanks Will and Running1000Plus for letting us be part of your amazing adventure! 

With world class sports personalities supporting our charity auction – Jeļena Ostapenko signed tennis ball and ice hockey stick of the Captain of the Latvian Ice Hockey Team Roberts Bukarts (auctioned in the heat of World Ice Hockey Championship) with autographs of the team featured – fundraising is absolute pleasure. 

Thanks to all the donors for your continuous generosity. Grant competition for children’s charities in Latvia to be announced later in the summer of 2018.

And thanks to those of you who have come forward to volunteer and expand charitable activities in Latvia. We are honoured that it will be done under flag of Giving for Latvia. 

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