A typical donor does not await a “thank you” for his donation, but Giving for Latvia fundraisers have been sending very personal greetings to their supporters via most amazing postcards from across the world:
– Faroe Islands postcard from Alex and Pavel Prokofjevs (£3,086 raised during Torshavn Half-Marathon in June 2016, with a third of donations earmarked for a fund improving infrastructure for prematurely born babies in major Latvian cities).
– postcard with a kid’s drawing of London Marathon from Andris Teikmanis, ex-Ambassador of Latvia in UK, recently appointed as Ambassador or Latvia in USA (£2,298 raised during London Marathon in April 2016) sent to donors from 4 countries.
– Polar Circle postcard from Alex Prokofjevs (£3,397 raised during Midnight Sun Half-Marathon, Tromso, Norway in June 2015) sent to donors from 13 countries.

Donors who have supported all of the Giving for Latvia fundraisers should expect their special collection of these thank you postcards to grow as couple of other to-be-fundraisers have noted their intention to raise money via Giving for Latvia during 2016.

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