Current activities 2020 / 21

Monetary donations:     

Received and used for grants:
Fundraising by Latvians working at EBRD raising funds for food bank Paedusai Latvijai as part of EBRD Community Initiative (donations matched)

Charity cookbook to raise for Paedusai Latvijai, Dr Klauns and modern parenting book project
Donations of books and materials:    
– Educational materials
for specialists of Nekluse anti-bullying organiation and Dardedze anti-abuse children’s charity

– Modern parenting books: 
500 copies of 3rd Hedvig Montgomery book planned to be distributed to 75 charities in Latvia in March 2021

– Donations in kind:
developmental and special needs board games and equipment for therapy centre Poga for children with mobility issues

Other: TBC

Usage of funds / grants: 

Donations earmarked in 2019 for SOS Children’s Villages

£1,000 – SOS Children’s Villages

Donations raised for food bank Paedusai Latvijai during April 2020 – Dec 2020 (including cookbook project)

£6,500 – Paedusai Latvijai – for meal kits for families in need

Cookbook project

£2,020 (by end Dec 2020) – Dr Klauns – laughter therapy for children’s hospitals